Our Programs

Lurana Shelter

A twenty-one day Domestic Violence Program, includes sheltering as a component. This program operates at a confidential, high security complex for women with or without children fleeing domestic violence and abuse. Alternatives to living with violence are explored with both women and their children..

The main objective of Lurana Shelter is to facilitate empowerment of the women and children we serve by:

• encouraging information based decision-making
• increasing awareness of the cycle of violence and the effects of abuse
• working to reduce the problematic symptoms experienced by child witnesses
• strengthening the relationship between the child and the non-abusive parent
• encouraging positive behavior patterns and attitudes in the children
• helping mothers attain the tools that will enable them to build a safe, nurturing environment for their children

Additional emergency services are provided according to the specified needs of the individuals.  Lurana Shelter makes available the following (some services are possible through community partnerships/collaborations):

• Health for Two Nurse (Capital Health)
• Psychologists (YWCA)
• Spousal Abuse Team (EPS & Edmonton Community Sources)
• Interpreters
• University of Alberta Faculty of Law Student Legal Services
• Referrals to medical, housing and employment agencies
• Development of a safety plan

Innovative Childcare 

Lurana Shelter Society is committed to making sure the needs of the children are addressed and met to the best of our ability.  Space has been allocated outside of the shelter environment for the Innovative Child Care Centre. Safe, supportive childcare is available to moms for respite time or to attend appointments Monday through Friday.

Attention and support is provided by workers specializing and understanding the impact of domestic violence on children.  Free Play, Educational Play, Groups are offered to educate and encourage children to develop non-violent skills for handling difficult situations.


Our Outreach Programs provide follow-up to women and children after they leave the emergency shelter.  Generally, service is provided for up to three months.

Adult Outreach encourages women to become informed of community supports available in their neighborhood.  Safety plans are reviewed and revised as needed.  Outreach may also act as a liaison when working with other agencies.

Youth Outreach provides outreach and intervention to at-risk children and youth on issues of self esteem, dealing with feelings of anger and aggression without resorting to violence and making healthy choices.  Lurana Shelter Society integrates the “40 Developmental Assets” strategy of using positive experiences and qualities that help influence the choices of children and youth and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults.